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Jon Hollywood was born in the busy city of Bridgeport, CT and is a musician who has a love for a wide range of music.  He found his love for music through being raised on a diverse knowledge of music such as contemporary jazz, classical compositions and rock and roll favorites. While his biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson, Queen, and Prince, he is a 90's kid at heart, enjoying hits from pop culture and the driving hard rock that followed.

Jon began his music career in middle school, singing in choir and being introduced to the tuba.  He spent 6 years as a tuba player through Flood Middle School and in the Bunnell High School marching band, traveling the country and participating in many events including the Rose Bowl Parade, Hollywood Christmas Parade, performing at Giants Stadium, Disney World, and Disneyland. He also performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the High School choir and performed with fellow hometown star, Javier Colon.  Venturing down other avenues, Jon also found an appreciation for theatre while performing in Les Misérables and West Side Story and becoming an apprentice at Joe Vilane Dance Studio.  This all culminated in 2005, after being inspired by a live Prince concert, to drive his passion for music and create his original rock band, Tempest Edge.

With Tempest Edge nearing two decades, they have stormed the music scene, opening for Halestorm, Alter Bridge, Pop Evil, Mudvayne, Puddle of Mudd and many more.

Following his move to Boston, Jon Hollywood went on to start his solo rock career in the creation of Karsyn and debuted his first album, Faded Masquerade, in 2013.  Along with talented musicians, as Karsyn, he opened for Hinder, Sevendust, Bret Michaels, and Zach Myers of Shinedown.

Being enthralled with the acoustic cover scene in Boston, Jon began teaching himself how to play guitar. and the Jon Hollywood brand began... 


Fun fact: Jon Hollywood is a left-handed man who plays a right-handed guitar without a pick!

Throughout his career, Jon has felt blessed and is very thankful to have met many people and perform along the East Coast, from Portland, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts, from New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina, and from Virginia Beach to Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Tampa Bay Area, Florida, finding new opportunities through each journey. He has also touched ground in the United Kingdom with the hopes of returning there as well as the rest of the world!

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